Challenges of backtesting alternative data

Paul Humphrey, CEO of BMLL Technologies, outlines how hedge funds and asset managers can gain meaningful insights from alternative data, such as Level 3 data, without the heavy lifting.

SIs: The good, the bad and the ugly

Henry Yegerman, global head of sales at ISS LiquidMetrix, explores recent execution trends in bank and non-bank systematic internalisers.

Eurex Improve: For guaranteed execution at the best price

Markus-Alexander Flesch, Market Development at Eurex, tells The TRADE about the launch of Eurex Improve earlier this year and explains how the tool delivers benefits to all participants of a transaction.

Bringing competition to Europe’s equity derivatives market

The TRADE speaks with Cboe Europe president, David Howson, and Ade Cordell, president of Cboe NL, about the exchange’s plans to launch a new market for European equity derivatives.

Trading data and tools after COVID-19

Head of buy-side trading at Refinitiv, Quentin Limouzi, considers how trading data and tools employed during the COVID-19 crisis can help traders continue to manage risk and compliance, and spot new investment opportunities.

Supporting FX markets during turbulent times

COVID-19 has caused great disruption, not just to FX markets, but also to those who work within that environment and the way that they operate. How has Refinitiv, a market-leading provider of foreign exchange trading solutions, helped sustain the FX markets?

Innovation through partnership

Scott Bradley, head of sales and business development at London Stock Exchange and Turquoise, outlines how the recently launched Good-For-Auction (GFA) order type gives traders the opportunity to re-think their engagement with Turquoise Plato Lit Auctions.